Nokia 7200 - Maintaining the textile covers

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Maintaining the textile covers

You can dust the fabric of the covers daily using a soft brush or a dry cloth.

To clean the fabric, remove the covers and run a slightly damp white cotton cloth
over them. Avoid the use of printed absorbent cloths/papers as they can release
ink onto the fabric.

To clean the covers more thoroughly, remove the covers first and dust the fabric
with care. Dampen a soft cloth or a sponge in clean water, squeeze it thoroughly
and wipe over the whole cover fabric, making sure not to wet it excessively. Rinse
the cloth or sponge and repeat as necessary. In the case of stains, use a mild
detergent, for example hand soap, to remove stains. Dry the covers thoroughly and
replace them. Leave to dry (overnight). Once the fabric is dried, in order to restore
the fabric, brush it delicately with a soft bristle brush.

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