Nokia 7200 - 4. Writing text

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4. Writing text

You can key in text, for example, when writing messages, using traditional or
predictive text input.

When you are writing text, the predictive text input is indicated by

and the

traditional text input by

at the top left of the display. The character case is

indicated by


, or

next to the text input indicator. You can change

the character case by pressing

. The number mode is indicated by

, and

you can change between letter and number modes by pressing and holding


When you are writing text, press


and you may select, for example:

Dictionary on

to set the predictive text input on if it is available for the


Dictionary off

to revert to traditional text input.

Writing language

to temporarily change the language for writing text.

To set different language for writing text and for the texts shown on the display
texts, see

Language settings

in the

Phone settings

section on page



Tip: To quickly set the predictive text input on or off when writing text,

twice, or press and hold