Nokia 7200 - Using predictive text input

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Using predictive text input

You can key in any letter with a single keypress. The predictive text input is based
on a built-in dictionary to which you can also add new words.

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1. Start writing a word using the keys


. Press each key only once for

an individual letter. The word changes after each keystroke.

To insert a number while in letter mode, press and hold the desired number key.

For more instructions for writing text, see

Tips for writing text

on page



2. When you have finished writing the word and it is correct, confirm it by adding

a space with

or by pressing any of the scroll keys. Pressing a scroll key

also moves the cursor.

If the word is not correct,


repeatedly or press


and select


. When the word

that you want appears, confirm it.

If the ? character is displayed after the word, the word that you intended to
write is not in the dictionary. To add the word to the dictionary, press


, key

in the word (traditional text input is used) and press


. When the dictionary

becomes full, the new word replaces the oldest one that was added.

3. Start writing the next word.