Nokia 7200 - Contacts (Menu 3)

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Contacts (Menu 3)

You can save names and phone numbers (Contacts) in the phone’s
memory and in the SIM card’s memory.

• The phone’s memory may save up to 500 names with numbers and text notes

about each name. You can also save an image for a certain number of names.
The number of names that can be saved depends on the length of the names,
and the number and length of the phone numbers and text items.

Contacts use shared memory, see

Shared memory

on page



• The phone supports SIM cards that can save up to 250 names and phone

numbers. Names and numbers saved in the SIM card’s memory, are indicated
by .

In dynamic contacts (

My presence

), you can publish your current availability

status to communicate to anyone who has access to this service and who is
requesting this information. You can view the availability status of any of the
contacts that you have subscribed to in the

Subscribed names

menu and in the

detailed view of a name in



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