Nokia 7200 - Adding and managing voice tags

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Adding and managing voice tags

Save or copy in the phone’s memory the contacts to which you want to add a
voice tag. You can also add voice tags to the names in the SIM card, but if you
replace your SIM card with a new one, you first need to delete the old voice tags
before you can add new ones.

Voice tags use shared memory, see

Shared memory

on page



1. In standby mode, press


2. Scroll to the contact to which you want to add a voice tag and press



Scroll to the phone number that you want and press



3. Select

Add voice tag


4. Press


, and say clearly the word(s) that you want to record as a voice tag.

After recording, the phone plays the recorded tag.

When the voice tag has been successfully saved,

Voice tag saved

is displayed, a

beep sounds and a symbol

appears after the phone number with a voice


To check the voice tags, press


and select



Voice tags

. Select the

contact with the voice tag that you want, and you can listen to, delete or change
the recorded voice tag.