Nokia 7200 - Options for the files in the gallery

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Options for the files in the gallery

Some of these options, for example, are available for the files in the gallery.


to delete the selected file.


to send the selected file via MMS or an IR connection.

Edit image

to edit the selected image file.


to move a file to another folder.

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to give a new name to the file.

Activate content

to update the activation key of the selected file. This option is

only shown if the activation key updating is supported by the file.

Set as wallpaper

to set the selected image file as wallpaper.

Set as ring tone

to set the selected sound file as the ringing tone.


to see the details of the file, for example the date of the file.


to sort the files and folders by date, type, name or size.

Delete all

to delete all the files in the selected folder.

Open in sequence

to view the files in the folder sequentially.

Add folder

to add a new folder.

Activation key list

to view the list of all available activation keys. You can

delete the activation keys, for example delete the expired ones.

Note that copyright protections may prevent some images, ringing tones and
other content from being copied, modified, transferred or forwarded.