Nokia 7200 - Radio

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To listen to the radio on your phone connect the compatible headset to the
headset connector on the bottom of the phone. The lead of the headset functions
as the radio antenna, so let it hang freely.

Note that the quality of the radio broadcast depends on the radio station’s
coverage in that particular area.

1. To turn on the radio, press


and select




. On the display


• The channel location number and the name of the radio channel if you have

saved the channel.

• The frequency of the radio channel.

2. If you have already saved radio channels, you can scroll to the channel you

would like to listen to, or select a radio channel location 1 to 9 by pressing the
corresponding number key.

When using the compatible headset supplied with the headset key, press the
key to scroll to the desired saved radio channel.

3. When the radio is on, press


and select

Switch off

to turn off the radio.

Tip: To quickly turn off the radio, press and hold


Warning: Listen to music at a moderate level. Continuous exposure to high
volume may damage your hearing.

You can close the fold of the phone while listening to the radio.

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