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E-mail messages

The e-mail application allows you to access your e-mail account via the phone,
when you are not in the office or at home. The compatible e-mail system that you
use in the office or at home may be supported by the e-mail function on your
phone. You can write, send, and read e-mails with your phone. You can also save
and delete the e-mails on a compatible PC. Your phone supports POP3 and IMAP4
e-mail servers.

The e-mail function uses shared memory, see

Shared memory

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Before you can send and retrieve any e-mails, you may need to do the following:

• Obtain a new e-mail account or use the current one. To check the availability

of your e-mail account, contact your e-mail service provider.

• To check the settings required for e-mail, contact your network operator or e-

mail service provider. To receive the e-mail settings over the air, see

Over the

air settings service

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• To set the e-mail settings on your phone, press


and select




E-mail messages

. See

Settings for e-mail

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