Nokia 7200 - Multimedia messages

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Multimedia messages

Note: This function can be used only if it is supported by your network operator or
service provider. Only phones that offer compatible multimedia message features
can receive and display multimedia messages.

A multimedia message can contain text, sound and a picture or a video clip. The
phone supports multimedia messages that are up to 100 kB in size. If the
maximum size is exceeded, the phone may not be able to receive the message.
Depending on the network, you may receive a text message that includes an
Internet address where you can view the multimedia message.

If the message contains a picture, the phone scales it down to fit the display area.

The multimedia message function uses shared memory, see

Shared memory





Note: If

Allow multimedia reception

is set to



In home network

, your operator

or service provider may charge you for every message you receive.

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Multimedia messaging supports the following formats:

• Picture: JPEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, OTA-BMP and PNG.

• Sound: Scalable Polyphonic MIDI (SP-MIDI), AMR audio and monophonic

ringing tones.

• Video clips in 3GP format (H.263 baseline and MPEG-4 simple profile).

The phone does not necessarily support all variations of the aforementioned file
formats. If a received message contains any unsupported elements, they may be
replaced with the file name and the text

Object format not supported


Note that you are not able to receive any multimedia messages if you have a call
in progress, a game or another Java application running, or an active browsing
session over GSM data (see

Keying in the service settings manually

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Because delivery of multimedia messages can fail for a variety of reasons, do not
rely solely upon them for essential communications.