Nokia 7200 - Saving card details

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Saving card details

1. Access the wallet and select



2. Select the card type to save details:

Payment card

for credit and debit cards.

Loyalty card

for membership cards.

Access card

for personal usernames and passwords to online services.

User info card

for customised personal preferences for online services.

Address cards

for contact information, for example, for delivery and billing


3. If no card is added, press

Add new

, otherwise, press


and select




4. Fill in the fields with the details.

If supported by your service provider, you can also receive card information to
your phone over the air. You will be notified as to which category the card belongs
to. Save or discard the received card. You can view and rename the saved card but

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not edit it. For availability of receiving card information over the air, contact the
card issuer or service provider.