Nokia 7200 - (E)GPRS connection

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(E)GPRS connection



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GPRS connection


• Select

Always online

to set the phone to automatically register to a (E)GPRS

network when you switch the phone on. When the (E)GPRS service is available,
the indicator

is shown on the top left of the display.

When you start an application using (E)GPRS, the connection between the
phone and network is established, the indicator

is shown and data transfer

is possible. When you end the application, the (E)GPRS connection is ended but
the registration to the (E)GPRS network remains.

If you receive a call or a text message, or make a call during a (E)GPRS
connection, the indicator

will be shown on the top right of the display to

indicate that the (E)GPRS connection is suspended (on hold).

Note that GPRS and EGPRS are not indicated separately, the indicators for
GPRS and (E)GPRS are the same.

• Select

When needed

and the (E)GPRS registration and connection are

established when an application using (E)GPRS requires it and closed when you
end the application.

Note that the phone supports three simultaneous (E)GPRS connections. For
example, you can at the same time browse XHTML pages, receive multimedia
messages and have an ongoing PC dial-up connection.

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