Nokia 7200 - (E)GPRS modem settings

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(E)GPRS modem settings

You can connect the phone via an infrared or a data cable connection to a
compatible PC and use the phone as a modem to enable (E)GPRS connectivity
from the PC.

To define the settings for (E)GPRS connections from the PC, press


, and








GPRS modem settings


• Select

Active access point

and activate the access point that you want to use.

• Select

Edit active access point

to change the access point settings.

• Select

Alias for access point

. Key in the name that you would like for the

activated access point and press



• Select

GPRS access point

. Key in the Access Point Name (APN) to establish a

connection to a (E)GPRS network and press


. Contact your network

operator or service provider for the APN.

You can also set the (E)GPRS dial-up service settings (Access Point Name) on the
PC using the Nokia Modem Options software, see

PC Suite

on page


. If you

have set the settings both on the PC and on the phone, note that the PC’s settings
will be used.