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GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a network service that allows mobile
phones to be used for sending and receiving data over an Internet Protocol (IP) -
based network. GPRS is a data bearer that enables wireless access to data
networks such as the Internet.

(E)GPRS (Enhanced GPRS), also known as EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global
Evolution) is similar to GPRS. EDGE is a radio interface modulation technique
which increases GPRS data rates. For more information on the availability of
(E)GPRS and data transfer speed, contact your network operator or service

The applications that may use (E)GPRS are MMS, chat and SMS messaging (SMS,
Short Message Service), browsing sessions, e-mail, remote synchronisation, Java
application downloading and the PC dial-up (for example, Internet and e-mail).

Before you can use (E)GPRS technology:

• Contact your network operator or service provider to check availability and to

subscribe to the (E)GPRS service.

• Save the (E)GPRS settings for each of the applications used over (E)GPRS.

For information on pricing, contact your network operator or service provider.

Note that when you have selected GPRS as a data bearer, the phone uses EGPRS
instead of GPRS if this is available in the network. You cannot select between
EGPRS and GPRS but for some applications you may be able to select either GPRS

GSM data

(CSD, Circuit Switched Data).

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