Nokia 7200 - PC Suite

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PC Suite

PC Suite contains the following applications:

Nokia Application Installer to install Java applications from a compatible PC

to the phone, or remove them from the phone.

Nokia Content Copier to copy data or back-up information data from your

phone to a compatible PC or to another compatible Nokia phone, or remove
data from your phone.

Nokia Connection Manager to select the connection type between the PC and

the phone.

Nokia Image Converter to make images in supported formats usable for

multimedia messages and wallpaper, and portrait photos for contacts and to
transfer them to your phone.

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PC Connectivity




2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

Nokia Modem Options contains settings for HSCSD and GPRS connections.

Nokia Multimedia Player to play on a compatible PC sounds, images and video


Nokia PC Sync to synchronise contacts, calendar, and to-do notes between

your phone and a compatible PC.

Nokia Phone Browser to view the contents of the Gallery folder of your phone

on a compatible PC. You can browse picture and audio files and video clips, and
also modify files in the phone’s memory and transfer files between the phone
and a PC.

Nokia Phone Editor to send text messages and edit the contacts in your


Nokia Sound Converter to edit polyphonic ringing tones in supported formats

to be compatible with your phone and to transfer them to your phone.

Nokia Settings Manager to edit and send your browser bookmarks or update

the connection sets to your phone. You can also search for radio channels, and
delete, edit or modify the current radio channels on your phone.

Copyright protection may prevent some images, ringing tones and other content
from being copied, modified, transferred or forwarded.